Time / Location

Date of race: 28th April 2019
The location of the start, registration center: Nagyatád, Szent István Park 2.

Start at 10.00

7 km – individual
21.097 km – individual / relay – HALF MARATHON
42,195 km – individual / relay – MARATHON

Start at 10.15
800 m baby race


Rinyament KC Association / 7500 Nagyatád, Szent István Park 2.
Competition Office: Nagyatád – Sports Hall
Opening hours: Sunday 28 April 2019 from 7.30 am to 9.30 am

In the Sports Hall, the race office, you can registration on Sunday from 7:30 to 9:30, where you can pick up the starter packages. Pre-registration, on-site registration can be done at a separate counter. It is not possible to pick up packages earlier.

Róbert Urbán / +36 30 993 6838
Orbán László (Competition Director) / +36 20 556 1001

www.nagyatadmaraton.hu / info@nagyatadmaraton.hu

Running tracks

800 m – 1 Circle Baby Race Distance: 800 m
7 km – 1 lap individual distance: 7 km
7 km – 3 laps in individual distance: 21,097 km – half marathon
7 km – 3 laps in relay: 21,097 km – half marathon
7 km – 6 laps in individual distance: 42,195 km – marathon
7 km – 6 laps in relay: 42.195 km – marathon

In the starter pack: T-shirt, number, and 4 pins. The chip is on the track, you don’t have to give it. The numbers are solid, numbered by race distance.

Routes / kilometer indications

Start: Nagyatád, Szent István Park 2.

The track is a 7 km circle with the Strart/finish set on the Market Square. There are programs in the competition center, as well as tents for runners and sports exhibitors. The other sections of the route will have a halfway path closure. Mileage Signals: Refresh stations are installed every 2 kilometers. The start and the finish are built in the Nagyatád Marketplace with a separate entrance corridor.

Entry and START dates

7.30 – 9.30: on-site registration, race numbers, chips, starter packs

9.30: common warm-up…

10.00: START – marathon / half marathon individual or relay and 7 km individual

10.15: RAJT – Baby Race 1 × 800 m

Purpose: to accept the entry packages and medals in the FINISH, followed by the joint announcement of the results.

Changing rooms, toilet, shower

Nagyatád Sports Hall – Nagyatád, Szent István park 2.

Women and men dressing room, toilet, shower are available for the starters. There is an additional public toilet next to the sports hall. In the designated hall of the sports hall, they can be placed in plastic bags labeled with the name and number, or in their own bags, the beginners can ask for their personal items and bags in the wardrobe. Opening hours until 17.00. In the cloakroom we take care of the value!

Refreshment Station

Competitors recives water, glucose, banana, and isotonic drinks at the refreshment stations on the pitch.

Entry fees / deadlines

The entry fee includes

  • chip number + chip
  • sponsors’ offers and publications
  • Wink Nagyatád Marathon T-Shirt
  • water
  • pastry
  • ample care at the refreshment station
  • health and police insurance
  • chips net timing
  • unique ticket
  • FREE parking in Nagyatád
  • dressing, showering, use of cloakroom

Entry / Pre-registration


On the underside of www.nagyatadmaraton.hu website registration and registration must be made in the registration system of the Nagyatád Marathon.

For our ON-LINE subscribers, we will automatically send you a registration and registration fee if you have provided your email address.

The administration of buy-ins and the issue of numbers is done weekly. Please understand your understanding and patience.

IN PERSON: Only on competition day, 28 April 2019, Sunday morning at 7.30 – 9.30 am on the spot at the competition center.


Nagyatád, Sports Hall

Opening hours: Sunday 28 April 2019 from 7.30 am to 9.30 am

The number of starters is NOT LIMIT at the on-site entry. Race numbers and chips can be picked up at the start date at the race office.




ACCOUNT ACCOUNT: 67000014-17010898-00000000 (M7 Savings Co-operative of Nagyatád)

In case of bank transfer, we will send you a bank transfer invoice electronically. For our ON-LINE subscribers, we will send you a message about the registration and the arrival of the entry fee. Please pay in HUF for the entry fees paid from abroad.

Our postal address: 7500 Nagyatád, Szent István park 2.

Competition Award

Upon arrival, ALL COMPETITORS (7 km / 21 km / 42 km) will receive an entry package and medal.

The WINK, the main sponsor of the event, makes the award for the 2019 race special. Provides a chance for some lucky runners to participate in the world’s largest running race in Xiamen, China. You can read more about this soon!

The following runners are placed in the cup, medal, category category and receive a prize for the award.

7 km
1st place, female / 1st place, male
2nd place, female / 2nd place, male
3rd place, female / 3rd place, male

21 km
1st place, female / 1st place, male
2nd place, female / 2nd place, male
3rd place, female / 3rd place, male

42 km
1st place, female / 1st place, male
2nd place, female / 2nd place, male
3rd place, female / 3rd place, male

Prizes will be awarded to the winners at the scoreboard and will not be postable by the organizer.

Chief Medical Officer

Doctor of the competition: the doctor and nurse on the spot and the ambulance service pay attention to your health!

Providing the route

Starters are on the route everywhere, so they can go halfway or full-track road closures in the urban section of the route. The entire length of the route is directed by the organizers and the civilian insurance manages the traffic.

Postpone deferral

If a weather situation is expected that could frustrate the competition, the organizer may use the postponement option, which will notify the participants in a timely manner via email and / or SMS. In this case, a new date will be assigned to which the prefixes will be valid. In such force majeure circumstances, it is not possible to refund the entry fees.

Competition conditions

By completing and signing the entry form and online registration, each start-up undertakes to comply with the terms of the competition, the validity of the competition rules for itself, ie they accept the content of the Official Competition Terms and the Competition Rules. With this, the competitors recognize that they are taking their own responsibility in the race.

Competition rules

  • the tournament will be open to any well-prepared runner who accepts and complies with the terms and conditions
  • each participant starts at his own risk, confirming his health status on the entry form
  • competitor must record, wear and behave sportingly on track with his companions
  • Accompanying car, accompanying bicycle is allowed only for the organizers, so these competitors are NOT allowed
  • the timing is done with a chip affixed to the track number
  • we are not responsible for any abandoned values ​​or personal items at the venues
  • at the venue of the event, any trade and advertising activity may be carried out only with the prior permission of the organizer, in an agreed form and manner.
  • the organizer reserves the right to change the route, programs and time
  • the current meteorological data, the organizing association may decide on the final closure, suspension or postponement of the sporting event or races
  • the organizer reserves the right to make a photo and film about the competition and the competitors, which will be the property of the director and can be used on any forum
  • Due to the open on-site entry, the organizers cannot guarantee the competitors the requested t-shirt size, either at the competition office or after the competition